Our Services - Who we are & What we do

We’re are a family owned & operated gardening business – specializing in residential landscape design, build and maintenance services. Based out of Aurora, Illinois, we serve the far western suburbs of Chicago. The business was founded back in March of 2003 as a one-man show and has steadily grown into a proud team of 10 members - each specializing in their own field of knowledge and expertise.

The term “residential landscape” includes your ornamental beds, small trees, shrubs and perennial gardens. We also design and build brick retaining walls, garden walls, paver/flagstone patios and walkways. With a Professional Engineer (PE) on board, we can also help you with storm water management (drainage) issues in your yard.

PS: Please note that we’re neither a Lawn Care nor a Tree Care company.

Unfortunately we’re not good enough to help you with your lawn/turf related issues such as lawn fertilization, weed control, aeration, dethatching and over-seeding. These services are provided by a different segment of our Green Industry known as ‘Lawn Care Operations’ or LCO’s. These companies have qualified personnel - trained and experienced in lawn/turf care - and would typically come out for no charge to inspect and advise you on your lawn care needs.

Also note that care (trimming, removal, feeding, etc.) of large trees - larger than 4” trunk diameter or taller than 12-16 ft. - is covered by another segment of our Green Industry, known as Tree Care Companies or simply Tree Services. They also have highly trained tree care professionals on staff plus the right tools/equipment to help you with the care of your large (typically shade) trees.
Here are some more details on the nature of our services …

  1. Landscape Design & Consulting Services
    We work with a number of independent (freelance) landscape designers and architects in the area to help us with larger projects. Depending upon the nature and size of your project, we can bring in one of them to help us with capturing your ideas and designing/detailing your project. This can either be new landscaping or enhancements to an existing landscape. For smaller projects, our in-house expertise and knowledge is all it takes to put your ideas and thoughts on paper and come up with an execution plan.

    Some of our Design services include:

    • On-site consultation & assessment (First visit is always FREE)
    • Recommendations on replacements/enhancements
    • Recommendations on plant selections/bed layouts
    • Hand-sketches for simple designs/enhancements
    • Scaled & Rendered CAD drawings with Bill of Materials
    • Care instructions for new and existing plants
    • Storm water management - consulting & guidance
    • Drainage issues – Assessment and recommendations

  2. Landscape Construction – Building & Creating your design
    Once the design is complete (either a scaled drawing or a simple sketch), our installation crews will take it from there and bring the design to life with attention to detail and quality. Use of the highest quality plant material and landscaping supplies is always guaranteed in our installs. Quality is Job #1 for us.
  3. Some of our building/construction services include:

    • Layout and construction of new beds
    • Preparation of beds for new plantings
    • Amending/replacing soils – as needed
    • Removal and disposal of existing shrubs, etc.
    • Delivery and planting of new trees, shrubs and perennials
    • Construction of brick retaining walls and garden walls
    • Construction of paver/flagstone patios and walkways
    • Grading, top-dressing and installation of new sod

  4. Landscape Maintenance – Maintaining your existing landscaping
    Your landscape is a living, breathing and dynamic eco-system that needs regular care and maintenance. Proper maintenance not only promotes pest-free and disease-free plant health but also minimizes the need for chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, etc.). We’ll come out to your place for a FREE (No-Obligation) assessment of your landscaping, answer all your questions and provide you with our recommendations. Needless to say, we’d also provide you with a written estimate to render these services. Our experienced and dedicated staff will take good care of your property with utmost care and commitment.
  5. Some of our maintenance services include:

    • Trimming/pruning of shrubs and ornamental trees
    • Weeding and cleaning of beds and tree rings
    • Edging and redefining of beds and tree rings
    • Removing/replacing old shrubs, ornamentals, etc.
    • Supplying and planting seasonal color (annuals etc.)
    • Cultivation and turning-over compacted mulch
    • Delivering and installing new mulch / river rock
    • Power-washing and re-sanding paver patios
    • General cleanup of the yard

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