Thank you to everyone who took the time to write a review.  We truly appreciate your feedback and are delighted to hear from our customers.

Oct 2014 – Brandis, Aurora, IL - Installed 4 drains pipes from gutter/drain spouts. The work included digging trenches under a sidewalk, under existing brick pavers, river rock and mulch. Each drain pipe ended in a drain box and was graded to move water away from the house and to lower areas of the yard. He also power washed a brick paver patio and walk and refilled it with sand. Arun came out the property and discussed the job before-hand. We walked the property and he took copious notes as to the detail I wanted. Also, I was very concerned about his team cutting into landscape wire that I had buried. Arun assured me that he and his team would find any landscape wire before digging (and no wires were cut) Also, I was impressed with the condition that he and his team left my landscaping in when they left. You could hardly tell that any digging had taken place even though 4 sizable trenches were dug for the pipes.

Oct 2014 – Scott, Naperville, IL - Trimmed or cut back all bushes and trees, edged all garden beds and around trees, added soil to even out plant beds, and thinned out day lilies.  The yard looks amazing.  I should have called them years ago!!   Arun is a top notch professional and very responsive.  Customer satisfaction is very important to him as he follows up shortly after the job is completed.  I had one suggestion that I thought was part of the arrangement, and that was taken care of immediately.  Very pleased with my landscape.

Oct 2014 – James, Naperville, IL - Rent-a-Gardener installed a dry river bed of small boulders and river rock along the west end of the yard.  They installed soil and compost in a sufficient quantity to ease the yard slope so that is is more level.  They installed sod in the yard to cover the new soil.  They installed two Canadian Hemlock trees.  The work spanned three days.  The crews worked well and cleaned up each day after they finished.  The placement of the landscaping features was exactly as we wanted.  Arun was on site to assure the proper installation of each landscape element.  The crew performed the job with minimal disruption to the home site.  They were careful to be neat.  The result is beautiful.  Arun provided directions and suggestions to help us with the continuing care of the yard.

August 2014 – Diane, Aurora, IL - I wish I could give Rent A Gardener 10 stars!  What a wonderful experience I had from start to finish.  My elderly mother is house bound and I wanted to make her view of her yard a beautiful one.  Arun and his hardworking crew not only went above and beyond to create an absolutely lovely landscaping, they made me feel like my small project was as much a priority for them as it was for me.  Arun listened to all my ideas and answered all my questions at our meeting for the initial estimate.  He quickly understood just what I had in mind and suggested options to make my vision a reality, and to help me stay within my limited budget!  He was just so courteous and gracious - we exchanged several emails to finalize the project, getting everything just right down to the smallest detail.  Finally, the big day arrived and I was blown away!  Arun and his crew were amazing!  I couldn't be there that day to see the work being done, so I arrived after they had completed the job and left.  I was speechless.  My mother's landscaping was everything I pictured and more.  Just beautiful and so many thoughtful extra touches, including small repairs to her deck, some additional plantings, flawless execution and clean up - they even cleaned out her gutters!  I felt like they wanted something special for my mother as much as I did.  I cannot say enough about Arun and his crew.  You can tell this is more than just a business to them, they truly care.  What a rare and wonderful thing.  Thank you so much, Arun!  I cannot recommend you highly enough.  Best of all, my mother loves her enchanting view.

August 2014 – Matt, Aurora, IL - Paver patio was in extremely terrible condition.  Arun's crew reset 75% of the patio pavers and pressure washed entire patio, then applied polymeric sand.   We contacted several companies for quotes.  Arun was by far the most responsive.  After discussing and negotiating price, Arun set a date for us.  His crew of two men arrived for two days of work and did a fantastic job.  My patio looks brand new!

August 2014 – Diane, North Aurora, IL - Removed and replaced a tree Extended a garden bed, added flowers, mulch and trimmed bushes.  A+ for this company from start to finish. Arun came out and gave us an initial estimate and consultation which included some great ideas. We scheduled right away. They were prompt, worked hard and far surpassed our expectations all around. It is wonderful to find a company that is professional, knowledgeable and customer service oriented. The price was very fair. I can't wait to have them out for more projects!

August 2014 – Francine, Naperville, IL - Annual pruning and shaping of over 60 large shrubs and small trees. Annual grooming of large beds of vinca groundcover. Plus other small tasks in shrub borders.  Arun was responsive and professional as always in giving the estimate and directing his crew. We had the same excellent crew as we did for previous annual pruning. The crew does excellent work. They were punctual. They met and exceed all my expectations. They remembered all the small requests I made and did some extras. When they left our property it looked great!

July 2014 – Jeff, Aurora, IL - This is the second time we've used Arun and Rent A Gardner and the second time we've had a very positive experience.  Not only did Arun give us a great price to spruce up the yard, but the crew was fantastic.  They worked their tails off, they paid attention to all the details, and they didn't complain when I asked them to "take a little more off the top."  They earned their cerveces and Arun continues to re-earn our business.

July 2014 – Mary, Aurora, IL - Trimmed all bushes, weeded a large bed of yuccas, weeded other areas where needed, put fresh mulch on all defined beds, defined a new flower bed and edged all our sidewalks.  The workers arrived just after 8 AM with a scheduled start time of 8:30.  They immediately started working and finished about 4 PM.  They knew what had to be done and they did it without our supervision.  This is the 3rd time that we have hired Rent A Gardener.  We have them come once a year in the spring/early summer to do all the things that would take us forever to do.  It's great to have everything completed in 1 day!

July, 2014 – George, Naperville, IL - Landscaping and plantings at our front entrance.  We called them and Arun came over promptly to discuss our needs. We have an area at the front of our home that had never professionally done. He spent a good deal of time with us making suggestions and followed up the next day with a written estimate. Arun and the 2 man crew showed up on time on the day we scheduled for the work. They spent an entire day moving the existing plants, planting new ones, put down mulch, trimmed all the bushes and trees, fixed some of the pavers, etc. We've lived here for 25 years and the area has never looked better! The job, from start to finish was more than I expected. Of all the services I used from Angie's list Rent A Gardner stands out as the best.

June 2014 – Joanne, Aurora, IL - Arun and his team were fantastic. It was the first time trimming trees in our new home. It turned out we wanted more trimmed off than his crew initially took, and he came back right away, marked the trees, and had it done for us the next day. He gave excellent advice, told me what some of the things were on my property that I had not identified, and did more work than we asked. He said he usually does bigger jobs, which is a bit of a disappointment, but I'll just wait until I have a lot of things for him to do, and then call him up! Would use his services again, for sure!

June 2014 – Jose, Aurora, IL - Planted 6 techni arborvitae, 1 multi stem red maple tree, 3 dwarf lilac bushes, removed a huge shrub, removed 3 evergreen bushes, removed 3-5 other random bushes that were dying and needed to be removed.  They also took the liberty of putting down a bunch of mulch and cleaning up areas we needed some help with and put the extra grass we had taken out for some of the plants to be placed where we had removed other plants.  This was huge as it made our yard more complete.   I think they went above and beyond what we were expecting.  They did all the little things that made sense and really seemed to know exactly what they were doing to make our home look that much better.  They were helpful with explaining things and go out of their way to call to follow up and give watering instructions.  Our yard is a night and day difference for the better.  They called ahead of the installation and gave my wife and myself some other ideas on different plants we could use which was definitely appreciated because we switched some of the bushes to lilacs which my wife loves.  They also felt it would give our yard some more color which made a lot of sense and would not have been something I would have thought about.  I couldn't be happier with everything and am glad I found this company.

June 2014 – Robert, Woodridge, IL - The work involved three tasks:  Following the replacement of a sewer line and the removal by others of several large trees late last fall, I contacted Rent A Gardener this spring to restore the lawn in my front yard and on one side of my house.  They leveled, fertilized and reseeded the ground.  Then they put a straw mat over the reseeded area.  Following a heavy rainfall, I had been experiencing standing water near my sump pump drain on the side of my house.  Rent A Gardener recommended, and installed a buried plastic drain tile pipe to redirect my sump pump flow to at a suitable location.  They repaired the ground over the excavation, reseeded it and covered it with a straw mat. I wanted some bushes trimmed or replaced in my front yard.  Rent A Gardener recommended and completed the work to trim two bush and replace two others.  They put down hardwood mulch near the area and redefined the border between the mulch and the lawn. I decided to have Rent A Gardener do the work.  Their approach and recommendations to the work made sense.  Their quote was clearly itemized.  Their price was good.  They contacted JULIE regarding the excavation and leveling work to identify buried utility pipes and cables.  They met their commitments in the time frame promised. The work took two days.  I was especially happy with the work they did in trimming existing bushes and with the type and placement of new ones.

June 2014 – Stephen, Aurora, IL - Spring/Summer yard refurbishment - mulch, planting bushes and flowers, weed removal, trimming of hedges, etc.  I first used Rent a Gardener last year after interviewing several landscaping companies. I chose Rent a Gardener and was not sorry. This year it was a very easy decision to use them again. Now I have the nicest looking yard on the block.!  With Arun's company you can count on very professional and timely  service, he came out and walked through the yard with me and I told him what I wanted done and listened to his suggestions. The end result - I couldn't be happier. I will call on them again next year.

May 2014 – Nicole, Lombard, IL - Spring clean-up of whole yard. Cleaned and weeded all landscape beds, also edged and redefined them. Cut and mulched two tree rings. All the dead foliage and flowers were cut back. Our rose bushes were pruned as well as evergreen bushes. All mulch was cultivated and new mulch was added. The front landscape bed was graded and leveled to slope away from our house. New dirt and grass seed added to the side of the house where low lying areas were. Back yard tree was trimmed as well.  Fantastic job from Arun and the Rent a Gardner team. I highly recommend this business. Arun always responded to my questions and concerns in a timely fashion and gave great ideas for new flowers for my front landscaping.  From the time we met up for a free estimate to the time of finishing the project, I was always treated professionally and the crew that came the day of the project were friendly and smiling as they worked diligently.  I was very impressed with their service and will use them in the future. Also, the team was very punctual and our property was left very clean afterwards.  Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!

May 2014 – Bobbie, Naperville, IL - Arun's team did a spring cleanup of our yard including removing dead growth, pruning plants, raking and edging the lawn. In addition, they put down stepping stones in my back yard and added a French drain to limit erosion from a down spout. They also spread 8 yards of mulch.  I got estimates from two Angie's list "A" yard care companies.  I chose Rent A Gardener because Arun provided lots of good ideas during his estimate "walk around".  He suggested the French drain and the stepping stones.  I appreciated his expertise and a fresh look at my yard.  Arun arrived with his team and walked around the yard discussing with his team what needed to be done.  He even marked with paint specific things he wanted.  His team worked very hard finishing up after 5:30.  They were very conscientious and did an excellent job cleaning away debris from our extremely hard winter.  They took care with each of their tasks and responded well to any feedback I gave them.  The beds looked great, edges were cut cleanly and the mulch was put down smoothly without burying any of my perennials. After they left my wife was not happy with the positioning of some of the stepping stones.  I emailed Arun and his team came by in a few days to do the work.  They did an excellent job of positioning the stones exactly as we requested.  I appreciated Arun's followup after he had been paid.  I plan to use Rent A Gardener in the fall also.

April 2014 – Sarah, Geneva, IL - Cleaned up beds on south side of house and entire back yard, which includes removal of several large bushes/small trees and a couple medium size ones as well.  They edged and mulched all beds, trimmed all the existing plants/trees.   Planted 7 evergreen trees and 2 ornamental flowering trees as well. We initially had Rent A Gardener come out last summer to give us an estimate on our entire yard.  We opted to break up the project into 2 parts.  They did a great job on the front/north side of our home and then this spring they returned to do the south side/back yard.  Although we already had a quote and idea of what was being done, Arun came out about a month before the scheduled date to review the plan and any changes.  The transformation of our yard is amazing.  Arun was able to come up with a plan to clean up the yard and had great ideas about what to plant, what should be removed, how to edge and reshape the beds, etc.  He was responsive to inquiries, easy to work with and happy to make changes to estimates as needed.  This was a big job and the crew had to work around our pool and fence, hauling in lots of mulch and removing tons of plant material.  My husband and I are not all that knowledgeable about plants and the crew identified we had an invasive shrub growing in our backyard and removed it for no additional charge and even followed up with an email article about the particular shrub.  They were also able to squeeze in time to clear out a drain in our backyard to alleviate some standing water issues that we occasionally experience. Overall, I would recommend Rent A Gardener to friends and neighbors.   We were very impressed with the work and plan to use them going forward to maintain our beautiful landscaping.

April 2014 – Sandy, Aurora, IL - Wonderful job done once again by Arun's team. We highly recommend these guys!  They listen to what you do or don't want taken care of.  They are prompt, and clean up when they are finished. You will love your landscape when they get finished with your property.

April 2014 – Katie, Geneva, IL - We recently hired Arun and his team to edge and mulch our entire yard along with replacing several dead bushes and one tree.  He was quick to respond to every inquiry and was able to provide recommendations for what to plant in the different spots.  His communication is prompt and very thorough - something I haven't found in a business like this.  He sent several emails including quotes, scheduling information, and updates on progress as he completed our job.  We are completely satisfied with the work his team completed and will definitely call him for our future landscaping needs.

October 2013 – John, St. Charles, IL - My yard was redesigned and they also provided fall cleanup. Arun was extremely easy to work with and very attentive.  My yard was overgrown and I needed to make changes to my landscape design.  We planned on a redesign and I love the result.

October 2013 – Francis, Batavia, IL - Arun provided a detailed plan for removal of aged and dying shrubs and planting from the past 23 years and provided ideas for fresh plantings and stone pavers.  Excellent and timely work. He has a good crew of workers who can work independently of him and make sure his customer is happy before they depart. Arun is a great salesman and will provide the exact products asked for. He is an excellent communicator and stays in contact with you before and during the work. He spent two days on my project. I will use his company again for a continuation of work on the sides and back of house.

October 2013 – Adam, Oswego, IL - Installed trees, cut flower beds, cleaned up current beds, mulched.  Arun (owner) is one of the most professional people in the landscaping business that I've had the pleasure of working with.  We wanted to add some trees and clean up some beds within our back yard but what we got was a fully transformed gorgeous outdoor space.  We had Rent-A-Gardner install 7 trees, 1 bush and 3 Hydrangeas and fall cleanup of several beds around our house. What I thought was nice was that Arun met me at the nursery to hand pick our trees.  He was knowledgeable with trees types and was able to discuss pro/cons of each.  On day of install they were prompt and Arun was very thorough on placement and overall design layout.  His crew was introduced to me and my wife within minutes of their arrival so I knew exactly who was working on the job.  Throughout the 2 day process his crew were courteous and ALWAYS cleaned up after themselves - which is important!   This was a very enjoyable process with a great finished product.  We are already thinking about our spring project for Rent-A-Gardner!!!

October 2013 – Jeffrey, Wheaton, IL - Arun and his crew leveled our front yard, conditioned the soil, and landscaped the space after we had our sewer line replaced. They basically started from scratch with an uneven, clay-filled disaster area! They removed the clay, brought in fresh soil, leveled the yard, installed new drain tile, and landscaped the area.  We could not be happier! The thing that struck me most about Arun is that when we first met he was so enthusiastic - he treats every garden as unique and enjoys watching it evolve. Our job was a huge challenge because of the placement of our utility lines and the general shape of the yard, but they stepped up and the results are wonderful! Arun and his crew were flexible, a joy to work with, and always responsive when we had questions. We will absolutely continue working with them!

September 2013 – Shannan, Naperville, IL - Redid overgrown landscaping, removed bushes, trimmed foliage, created new beds and rings around trees and mailbox, mulched using 9 yards of mulch, disposal of yard waste made our landscaping look presentable again!  I'm so glad we used Rent A Gardener. Arun was very professional, knowledgeable and ensured that everything went as smoothly as possible. Our yard looked great again thanks to his crew and it was exactly what we wanted thanks to his excellent communication skills. The day work started, he walked the entire yard with myself and the members of his crew and we all knew exactly what the plan was. His suggestions were helpful, everything was prompt and the work exceeded our expectations. Highly recommend!

September 2013 – Donna, Winfield, IL - Building a new retaining wall, designing the bed and new plantings.  This project included removal of an existing wall.  The crew arrived promptly and completed the project. The wall which turned out beautifully.  Unfortunately upon closer look a few days later, I noticed the wall appeared to be bowing.  I contacted Arun.  He responded promptly and determined the new wall needed to be fixed prior to doing any plantings.  The crew returned and resolved the issue.  They were professional at all times.  Arun recommended plantings which I agreed to.  He's very in tuned to what the customer wants because he returned a few days later with different plant selections.  I appreciated that since I had decided I wasn't entirely happy with the initial selections.  The crew re-planted and re-arranged the plantings until I was completely satisfied. The re-work was done without complaint and the actual cost was less than the original estimate.  Arun professional, fair, is a pleasure to work with and ensures that the customer is completely satisfied.

August 2013 – Donna, Winfield, IL - General yard clean-up - trimmed all bushes, removed “weed” trees, defined the areas around bushes & tree rings removing existing plastic edging, weeded, mulched, installed bullet-nose brick edging to retain soil & mulch by evergreens.  Arun introduced me to the foreman for the job and we walked through the project.  All of my questions were answered. The crew was hardworking, completed the project on schedule and did an excellent job of clean-up.  The yard looks great. I have another project scheduled for a retaining wall.

August 2013 – Tony, Lisle, IL - New landscape walls, both brick and 6 by 6 beams. Complete landscaping around the house. New drainage pipes and grading of the land. Excellent work. Beyond my expectations. Arun was responsive to my questions, good bid and the work was outstanding. I would not hesitate using Aruns' services again and can share with you I am seeking him for a second project.

August 2013 – Charlie, Naperville, IL - Rebuild our front bushes and help find some "lost" drain tile.  Excellent! Arun spent time talking with my wife on what she wanted. He listened to her, offered suggestions and did the plan just as she wanted. Some landscapers don't seem to work well with women, but no problem here!  We also asked them to find drain tiles that was connected to our roof gutters. His team worked with me and found the tile outlets, cleaned them out and raised them to ground height (after 20 years, then had dropped 2-3 inches and were hidden. The work was done on time and with great care and quality. We were very impressed with the work of his team.  We asked him to put us on his list for mulch and other cleanup for next year. We definitely recommend Arun and "Rent a Gardner".

August 2013 – Brian, Lisle, IL - Planted a redbud tree and built a cobblestone pathway with 2 retaining walls and misc. plantings.  Arun was great to deal with.  He was very prompt to respond to our request for a quote and subsequent questions.  He met with us a couple of times to make sure we were all on the same page with our design.  His crew was very professional and cleaned up after every evening.  The work they did was excellent.  We've had a few other landscapers do work for us and the end product was not even close.  They took it upon themselves to install drain tile connected to a nearby downspout.  We hadn't discussed it, but was work that needed to be done in order to do the job correctly.  We are very pleased with every aspect of our experience with Arun and will be using him for all of our landscaping needs in the future.

August 2013 – Mary, Aurora, IL - Trimmed all bushes, removed unwanted bushes, defined the areas around bushes, weeded, mulched, created an edged bed in the front of the house and put in 6 boxwood evergreens and 2 burning bushes.  Arun's crew arrived about 8 AM and worked until about 6 PM.  They did an amazing transformation in that time. When they left, everything was cleaned up and beautiful. We had Rent A Gardener do work for us last fall and were as pleased this time as we were last year.

August 2013 – Dawn, Bolingbrook, IL - Cleared away weeds around house and under large deck, took out dead bushes, replenished soil, put mulch around entire house and trees, planted new bushes.   On time, professional, trustworthy, hard-working, wonderful experience.

August 2013 – Francine, Naperville, IL - Pruned extensive shrub plantings, edged large shrub and perennial beds, weeded, mulched, trimmed back ground cover, etc.  The crew arrived early and went to work. They worked very hard all day and did an excellent job. Pleasant and helpful.  Arun arrived mid-morning to see how the work was progressing. The crew did everything that Arun and I had discussed during the initial estimate meeting.

July 2013 – Mary, Woodridge, IL - I had a number of people come out for estimates, but from our first meeting I knew that Arun had a vision for my overgrown yard.  My side yard had bushes that needed to be removed.  I had a tree that was dead that needed to be replaced.  The mulch hadn't been replaced for 2 years, and I wanted a garden bed in the back corner of my yard.  The back yard plants were covered in Creeping Charlie, and my bushes looked like they were from a rain forest!  I was amazed at the amount of work that was completed in just 2 days.  The crew arrived promptly at 8:30 and left the yard spotless at the end of the day.  I drive up to my house with pride instead of cringing at the thought of how I had let the garden and yard deteriorate. I love my yard now and will definitely use Rent a Gardener again!! They did an amazing job!

July 2013 – Ellen, Lisle - Graded soil all around house and garage, created planting beds with weed control fabric-front, back and sides of house, removed a huge ugly bush(!), built retaining walls and installed a paver walk, soil for planting areas, installed many plants and bushes, mulched everything, sod in front and back and on side of house and driveway. A whole new landscape!  Working with Arun was a wonderful experience. He really listened to what I was wanting for the landscaping, and we worked together with a great landscape designer to make it all happen. His crew was punctual and hard working. It was a huge job and he made it all work out. He answered every question I had for him and always answered my calls promptly. I have gotten so many compliments from neighbors and friends who saw the transformation of my yard from a construction site to a beautiful area that is perfect for my newly remodeled home. Arun is a gem and I am so glad I chose him to do this job.

July 2013 – Fiona, Naperville, IL - I last used Rent A Gardener this week to clean out my flowerbeds and plant some plants.  The owner came out and gave me an initial assessment and then his crew came about a month later which was the earliest time they could have. What I particularly liked was that when they came in the morning with the crew and showed me exactly what he wanted to have done. And then he made sure that he introduced each of his crew to me. We shook hands and got to know their names. It was clear to me who I needed to talk to throughout the day if there was an issue. They were here probably 7 hours. They were basically doing a landscape. They are gardeners really. My garden was very overgrown and they weeded and they mulched and they cut things back and planted things that I had bought. It looks really good now. They came back this morning actually, to look around and see if I had any more issues, and to give me some advice about the plants that had been replanted and planted. I got a couple of quotes and their price seemed to be in the ballpark along with everyone else. They were also recommended by the people that I am going to be using to put my patio in.

July 2013 – Fred, Naperville, IL - Buried all downspout drains (11) and sump pump drain.  The work involved digging through existing perennial beds and under a concrete sidewalk.  The owner, Arun Aggarwal, promptly responded to my email inquiry about a quote with a promised to call me to arrange a walk through for a quote.  He called when he said he would and came to estimate the job on the date agreed.  He took very careful notes about my concerns (damage to existing beds, damage to the walkway, potential sump pump problem-freezing-, etc.). He emailed a written quote within 24 hours and it was very competitive with others I received.  The quote was extremely detailed showing every foot of drain pipe and every connector and drain cover!  I had previously priced all the parts online and found that his prices were spot on.  His quote even contained links to videos available from the parts manufacturers showing how they should be installed. Arun called the day before the job was to be done to confirm the starting time and the crew showed up exactly on time.  Arun had promised to visit the job site personally several time during the day to check on the progress and he did as he said he would.  The crew put down tarps and removed the newly installed mulch (I installed that myself) by raking it onto large tarps.  The sod was cut with a mechanical sod cutter and rolled up.  The dirt they removed was also put on tarps and not just thrown on the grass.  They were even instructed by Arun to put the good top soil on top of the finished drain and only then replace the sod.  Two pickup loads of extra dirt were hauled away.  Before leaving they watered-in all the sod they had removed and replaced.
When they were finished you couldn't tell they had even been here and, in this case, that's exactly what I wanted!  And because they actually needed fewer parts than estimated, the final invoice was lower than the quote.  That was a first for me!

June 2013 – Elizabeth, Aurora, IL – What a great company!  They did a fantastic job from start to finish.  Working with Arun was wonderful.  He listened to my ideas and had the job completed even better than what I expected.  Arun and the crew were timely, neat, friendly, and very hard working.  I am very particular about my yard and their work exceeded my expectations.  I have used them twice now and have been very satisfied each time.

June 2013 – Sandy, Aurora, IL - Arun and his team are fantastic!  This is the second time we've used Rent A Gardner and I'm telling you they are the best.  Arun is prompt, communicates and is very responsive.  We will definitely use them again for our fall clean up.  It's such a wonderful feeling to come around the corner after a hard days work and see the magic that Aruns crew can accomplish with our landscaping.  Thanks ARUN!!!

June 2013 – Melanie, Naperville, IL - Hired Arun's crew to clean up a much overgrown front yard. Every tree was covered in ivy, there were dead/damaged trees to remove and the side of our house looked like a forest of weeds! They were professional and very hardworking. They arrived at 8:30 am and were done by 3:30, even after having to wait out a passing thunderstorm.  I was in utter amazement to see the yard completed. It has still been 4 days and I feel just as shocked when I drive up to my house as I did the first day. They did an incredible job on it!  In addition, when we received the bill it was even a little less than I anticipated. --when does that ever happen?? We are so impressed and happy with the service, we're hiring them to come back and do the back yard. The front looks so good that we we're now unsatisfied with our back. We would definitely recommend this company.

June 2013 – Shelley, Geneva, IL - Cleaned up amazingly out-of-control gardening beds, replaced mulch, cleaned up dead bushes, etc.  Second time we have used Rent A Gardener, Inc.   Extremely fast response - one of the most professional service providers we have ever used. They give you a quote of exactly the services they will provide, then perform the work efficiently and as planned on the date it was planned.

June 2013 – Kevin, Naperville, IL - Trimmed bushes, edged flower beds, removed about 20 unwanted bushes and ground cover, raised stepping stones that had sunk over time, cultivated old & compacted mulch, graded and leveled beds to slope away from the house and applied 12 yards of mulch.  Arun and crew from Rent-A-Gardner were very honest and professional throughout the process. I called in mid-May after finding them on Angie's List. Arun was upfront, saying they were about 4-5 weeks out. He came to the house and we did a walk-around to determine the scope of work. I received an estimate promptly and a date was set when I accepted. Despite the unusually wet spring we have had, the date I was given early was the date the work was completed. Arun came to the site on the day of the job, arriving promptly at the expected time (actually about 15 minutes early) and we did a walk-around with the crew foreman to make sure we were on the same page regarding the scope. Once the work was completed at the end of the day, the foreman and I reviewed what was done to verify that it was what I expected, and it was.  I received an invoice the next day and it was nearly $300 less than the estimate. Less mulch was needed than was estimated and the job was completed in less time than estimated. I'm not so sure that most other companies would be as honest. The yard looks so much nicer after Rent-A-Gardner's work than it did before. I'm very pleased with my experience with them and would highly recommend them to others.

June 2013 – Robert, Downers Grove, IL - Landscaped area in front yard. Added stone stairs, retaining wall, walk.   Excellent experience throughout. Very responsive. Collaborative, kept me informed. Very pleased with final result. Couldn't be more pleased.

May 2013 – Merigan, Naperville, IL - Our home had SERIOUS grading issues.  The lawn literally sloped towards the house on three sides and the ground level was not built up to an appropriate level along the foundation in many areas.  We were getting water in the house during heavy rains and our sump was going non-stop.  Arun came out and made thorough recommendations, as well as offering creative options to accomplish goals in the most economical ways.  They were able to complete the work a few weeks later, even though it is their busy season.  They had to dig up grass and relocate/add dirt on three sides of our home.  They were absolutely meticulous!  Not to mention that they saved the lilies on one side of our home.  They divided them, spaced them out and used them to landscape new flower beds added to 2 sides of our home.  I never asked them to do this - it was above and beyond, but saved me the time, effort and money of figuring out what to do with these new flower beds.  It looks great!  Also, Arun was able to cut costs on dirt by relocating soil already present on the property so edged and mulched the beds within the original estimate cost.  They also did pop-up drains for 6 gutter down spouts as well as our sump pump.  These look fabulous and much, much nicer than the yards of gutter extending into the lawn.  After the work is done, most importantly NO MORE WATER IN MY BASEMENT - YAY!!  And better yet, my property looks significantly improved also.  Arun has come to check the property since the work and has contacted me to make sure there are no more water problems.  They went above and beyond in all aspects of the work, treated my home like their own and were wonderfully professional and responsive to me.  I am actually planning a second project with them as we speak). They do a quality job and I cannot recommend them any more highly- you will be pleased!

May 2013 – Sandy, Aurora, IL - Arun's crew did our spring cleanup for us and laid down all of our mulch.  I could not be happier with Rent A Gardner and Arun the owner.  They are fantastic. Arun is responsive which is so hard to come by today it seems with contractors.  He is prompt and keeps his word as to all of the details of the job. We will be using the crew again this fall for the fall clean up as they do fantastic work.

May 2013 – Jason, Naperville, IL - Yard spring clean-up.  Mulch flower beds and clean up edging.  Annual flower arrangement in large planter/urn.  Responded to inquiry immediately.  Set a date to come do the work that was only about 10 days away.  Showed up at 8:30AM on time and got the work done.  Professional communication and coordination.  No surprises.  Yard looks great.  And I can pay online with a credit card for transaction ease. Very satisfied all around.

May 2013 – Christina, Aurora, IL   - General spring clean up, plant removal and trimming
 - Replacing dead grass with sod along the driveway and laying mulch in all the beds
 - A landscape plan for an area that I had hardscaped (unilock pavers) last year
 - Arun also suggested a great alternative to trying to grow grass in a problematic area in my back yard which is shaded by two mature trees.  I used Rent A Gardener a couple of years ago, and was well pleased with them then. I had a larger job to be done this year and they were the first landscapers I called. Good decision on my part. Not the cheapest, but their prices are entirely fair and worth it for the quality, detail and professional service they provide.
- The cleanup work was complete and they handled everything I expected them to
- I didn't really have an idea of what I wanted in front bed of my yard--but I wanted something that would look nice and provide curb appeal. Arun provided several suggestions, complete with pictures of the species he proposed. When I rejected one tree due to size, he didn't try to sell me on it but asked for more detail on what I wanted and then went back to the drawing board to provide some options that met my needs. When the work was done, it was even prettier than I expected.
- Rather than trying to re-seed a shady area in my back yard, Arun suggested laying mulch and flagstone. Sounds simple but it's not something I would have thought of on my own. They added shape to the design so that it's attractive and interesting.
- Bonus points for being on time for our meeting to discuss what I wanted, and for getting the job done even before the date that was committed.

April 2013 – Carol, Elmhurst, IL - Spring clean-up, trimmed shrubs, weeded garden, applied mulch to all planting beds, edged planting beds and lawn grass.  Two men arrived on time with the owner.  They reviewed what had to be done.  The men were very hard workers and did a professional caring job in our garden.  They took extra care in applying stone around our new generator.  There was no down time the men worked well together.  All the trimming turned out beautiful.  We are very happy with the results.

April 2013 – Karen, Oswego, IL - We had some shrubs removed, and the remaining shrubs were trimmed and pruned. We also had new mulch put down.  I decided to give them a call based on all the great reviews they got on Angie's List. I'm glad I did. Besides needing new mulch, I wanted to change the landscaping a bit and make it a little more low maintenance. We have a lot of shrubs. Arun came out to give me an estimate and gave some ideas on what to do. I liked all of his suggestions. I also was thinking of taking down a very nice maple tree that seems to be going bad, but Arun talked me out of it and gave some suggestions on what to do to save it. We scheduled a date for them to come out and do the work. They arrived on time. They removed some shrubs, trimmed and pruned the other shrubs that were getting too tall. They extended the tree ring around our trees in the front. The mulch was delivered around noon and they laid it out nicely. They finished in one day. For the amount of work I needed done, I thought it would take them two days. All in all, I was very impressed with them from start to finish. You can tell Arun has a passion for landscaping and it shows. My yard looks beautiful now. It's not so cluttered with shrubs anymore. I would definitely recommend them.

April 2013 – Emily, Wheaton, IL - Re-edge all landscape beds in front and back of large yard, create new tree rings and beds, install mulch, install stepping stones.  Excellent experience! Worst part for me was waiting for my turn on their very busy schedule.  Arun is an absolute pleasure to work with and very creative! I got exactly what I was looking for. I look forward to hiring them again.

April 2013 – Amy, Aurora, IL – Spring Cleaning, Edging, Mulching and Drainage.  We looked at several landscaping companies on Angie's List in the Aurora area. All of the reviews for Rent-A-Gardener came back great. The few exceptions were people who balked at the price. You get what you pay for and Arun's company was A+. He came out exactly when he said he would and went around the yard with me as we discussed what needed to be done and what the options were. Arun made several suggestions of things we could do to improve the landscaping. The day Arun's team came out they worked all day long in the rain. They had to come back once more to finish up the job. Over the years we have had a variety of landscaping companies do spring clean up for us and this was the first time we were truly impressed with the work. Trees and bushes were pruned. Dead brush and weed were completely removed. They even sodded one corner of our backyard and installed a new sump pump drain pipe at no additional labor cost. Arun kept in touch with us every step of the way and came out to inspect the job and make sure the job was done to our satisfaction.  They may charge a little more than other companies but their attention to detail and customer satisfaction shows they are worth it.  Over the years our lawn has suffered from lack of attention. We will be using Rent-A-Gardener to rehab our entire lawn beginning in May and I am certain I will be posting an equally positive review.

April 2013 – Heather, Wheaton, IL – Sump pump pipe repair and burial, downspout consolidation and burial, closed off an odd spot under concrete stairs, planting of bush and ground cover, sod placement.  We had a great experience with Rent A Gardener. Arun came and and surveyed our property and talked with me about three different possible projects. He sent me detailed estimates for each with price breakdown. We chose to do one project at this time, and the work was scheduled promptly. Everything looks great, and I especially appreciate being able to receive all information over email and pay online via credit card. What I am most impressed with is how the company still gave attention to my project even during the heavy rains we experienced in the area. The crew even came back the next day to check on the sump pump ejection pipe length, even though there was flooding in the area and the company headquarters had had their own flooding concerns. It was a pleasure to work with this company and we will definitely call them in the future when we need additional work on our yard.

January 2013 – Suz, Lombard, IL - I did a deal through Angie's List for a team of 2 gardeners to come and do yard work and landscaping.  I didn't really know what to expect, but these guys came through in a huge way.  We'd really let things deteriorate with yard maintenance and upkeep and these guys came in and quickly and expertly trimmed tons of bushes, hedges, removed dead bushes, cleaned up brush, completely cleaned and organized the greenery around a backyard pond, and they removed the debris.  Totally nice crew of guys, and Arun, the proprietor, is extremely professional, gracious and polite.  Really awesome experience from start to finish.  Will definitely use again.  Thank you, Arun, George and team!

Nov 2012 – Richard, Naperville, IL – Rent a Gardener did multiple jobs for us this summer which included realigning landscape pavers, installed flag stones, planting, trimming, cutting landscape beds and mulch.  This work was done in the front yard, both sides of our home, in the back yard around the patio and on side of yard.  They also installed multiple in-ground drains. From start to finish on each of the jobs over the summer, Arun and his team performed top notch work.  They are extremely skilled, punctual and very respectful to our home.  Arun is extremely thoughtful and articulate with planning the job to be done. He strives to provide high quality work.  He has an elite team and together they really do deliver; obviously they take great pride in the quality of their work.  We have used Arun in previous years and will certainly continue to do so in the future.  We were so pleased with each of the jobs; each team member worked very hard.  We would highly recommend Rent a Gardener!!

Nov 2012 – Richard, Batavia, IL – Major clean-up of landscaping, weed and mulch circa 2000 square feet of flower beds, trim 300 linear feet of privet hedge down from 12ft high to 6ft, trim of a dozen fir trees, expand tree beds by 3ft and mulch, spade edge lawn and 500 linear feet of privet beds, install approximately 200 linear feet of 1 x 8 wood edging, install 21 cubic feet of mulch...various other items.  Overall 3 1/2 days of work for 5 crew members. If anyone needs any landscape work doing hire Arun.  We did, we are already planning to again in the Fall, we are customers for life, everything about this experience was absolutely superb.  In a business where there are so many shady characters it was so refreshing to find someone who still operates on the principles of hard work, integrity, and ethics. I rarely provide references but would for Arun. From start to finish everything about the experience of working with Arun was excellent.  So many companies are unreliable, unprofessional, and at times totally disrespectful to their customers, not Arun.  When we made initial contact, Arun got back to us the same day, he schedule a site visit the same week, arrived early, he promised an estimate by the end of that week, the estimate arrived on the day he promised, it was detailed and accurate and was accepted.  He suggested a start date and there were no excuses and he and his team arrived a few minutes early prepared ready to go (unheard of), they continued to arrive every day, not running off to other jobs or showing with one token resource (unheard of), the team were incredibly nice, skilled, well lead, a pleasure to deal with, worked the backsides off, and really wanted to make the client happy (unheard of), Arun was onsite daily (unheard of).  As indicated above I rarely provide contractor references but would for Arun.  This was a great experience from start to finish with what a feel was a traditional contractor who for want of a better term had skin in the game in his own business.  We will hire him again soon.

Nov 2012 – Brad, Downers Grove, IL – Yard/Fall clean-up of a previously vacant home.  They did an excellent job.  The consultation with Arun was great, he was able to point out some things that needed fixing and was very up front about everything.  The crew worked efficiently and accomplished more in one day that we could have in a month.  Definitely worth it and highly recommend.

August 2012 – Chad, Woodridge, IL - Trimmed, weeded, and cleaned our fully landscaped front and back yards.  The Rent-A-Gardener team arrived on time and got right to work. The 2-person team started by asking identifying where I wanted / needed the most work done. After a few minutes of me showing them around, they got right to it. I had so much I needed done, I was not sure they would remember it all or get it done in a day. However, they exceeded my expectations. My yard looked great after they were finished! They were even able to tame the climbing roses along the side of our house. I will definitely be using them again.

June 2012 – Ryan, Wheaton, IL - Arun and his crew cut back some existing flower beds and reshaped them with our stone wall.  They cut a new section that runs the length of our yard against our fence line and planted 6 arborvitaes, and two decorative trees.  Arun was very honest and helpful in providing the advice we needed to get what we wanted ( a great landscape that provided privacy and noise control).  He was very easy to work with, prompt and responsive.  Arun even stopped by on multiple occassions after the trees were planted to make sure they were blossoming.  The harsh dry summer actually didnt fair too well for some of the trees and he had the crew back out to replace the trees under the warranty we had.  Really appreciate the work the crew did and will definitnely use Rent a Gardener in the future.

June 2012 – Gayle, Naperville, IL – We have used Arun since 2007 for planting trees & shrubs, edging, plant removal, and installing patio pavers.  Each time we have used him we have been completed satisfied with the quality of the work, and the professionalism of Arun and his staff.  We will definitely use Arun in the future.  A true winner!.  I highly recommend Rent-A-Gardener!  We called, he came out, gave us an estimate, scheduled the work, showed up on time, performed quality work, and left no mess.

May 2011 – Doug, Lisle, IL – Spring clean up, trimming shrubs, refreshing current beds and adding new beds, mulching, planting Hostas, more perennials and trees.  Great job once again!!  We had Rent a Gardener do work for us last year, our yard was is such need of attention of which we were not creative enough or able to do ourselves.  We did a walk-a-round with Rent a Gardener and we decided upon creating several beds, much planting and mulching and had them out again in the fall.  We were very happy and satisfied with the outcome both times.  This spring we had them out again to add more beds, more planting of which included a few trees.  Once again the crew was friendly and foreman Pedro was outstanding!!  We did run out of mulch (due to my request to add yet more beds) so they had to bring out more mulch a few days later but also planted a few more things at my request at the last minute and all with a smile. We so enjoy walking in our yard daily to see all the beautiful plants& flowers coming up so beautifully - you wouldn't even know it was the same yard!   We highly recommend Rent a Gardner to anyone who wants a great looking yard.
We look forward to having them out again in the fall and again next spring! Thanks Rent a Gardener for yet another GREAT JOB!!!

May 2011 – Elizabeth, Downers Grove, IL – We had a landscaping makeover! There was a 5 man crew working very hard removing rock, taking out some dead bushes, adding tree rings and installing new edging. They also did some planting adding some new bushes and then adding mulch to the landscaping. They did a great job over all, the crew was pleasant to work with and they did a good job with the clean up as well. I was very pleased with the new look.  Arun was attentive in calling back, getting estimates and general follow up. This is what I expect in businesses today and hardly ever find this. It shows he cares about the work his staff is doing. It was a nice experience working with Arun.

April 2011 – Beth, Geneva, IL –  Extensive spring clean up including trimming shrubs, removing dead foilage, regrade and redefine beds, thin overgrown plantings, applied pre-emergent weed treatment and mulch, and extended downspouts away from the house. We had just moved into the house last fall and didn't get a chance to do any fall clean up and we didn't really know what was growing in our yard. So we relied on Arun and his team's expertise.  Arun met with me to go over the extent of the project, offered advice and provided an estimate in the time he promised. We set a date, tweeked it to work around the weather forecast and Arun and his crew showed up exactly as scheduled. Arun reviewed the project with his crew and then the guys went about the task of giving our landscaping a much needed facelift. The guys were accommodating and professional. They cleaned up at the end of each day and made sure I was satisfied with what had been done. Our landscape beds look great.

Oct 2010 – Elizabeth, Naperville, IL - Mulching, edging mulch beds, cleaning up perennials, clean up.  Service provided was better than I expected, totally cleaned up, very professional and competitively priced. I will definitley use Rent A Gardener again!

August 2010 – Ryan, Naperville, IL – Had entire property weeded, and remulched. Had trees, bushes, and shrubs all trimmed and sculpted. Edged all of our trees, (and we have many), and put a nice circular base of mulch around them all. We were infested with overgrown weeds everywhere in our landscaping. Had them all removed.  Arun and his workers were fantastic. They were very punctual, and finished up when they said they would. The work done was excellent. Our house's exterior went from being one of the worst looking in the neighborhood, to one of the nicest. We've had many compliments, just because people have noticed such a difference. I would definitely recommend using Rent A Gardner for your landscaping needs.

November 2009 – Tina, Sugar Grove, IL - We live on an acre+ and have about 30 trees. This time Arun's 3 man crew performed a fall cleanup for us, leaving after 8 hours with 3 trucks of leaves. They do a nice job removing leaves from all areas, including those gathered under the bushes by the house, and the ones on the deck. After the leaves were picked up, they mowed the grass.  This is the fifth or sixth time we have used Rent A Gardener. We use them for fall and spring cleanup. In the fall, it is mostly leaf cleanup, but in the spring, they have provided many services such as bush trimming, weed pulling, and creating mulch beds around our trees, and replenishing our mulch. Arun is always quick to respond to my requests, and his crew always does a great job.

May 2009 – Gregory, North Aurora, IL - Thank you so much. Your crew did an excellent job. We look forward to working with you again.

March 2009 – Kelley, Aurora, IL - They landscaped our entire back yard.  Arun the owner is absolutely terrific. We had three companies bid on our landscaping and Arun had more experience and knowledge than any of the others. They were prompt and professional. Arun was a pleasure to work with. I would definitely use them again.

Sep 2008 – Gail, Naperville, IL - Drain on sump pump had to be replaced and redirected away from house.  The drain on our sump pump was not functioning, causing water to collect at the back of the house. Arun recreated the drain system, buried it and redirected it about 50 ft away from the house. Because this drain had to be buried where I had existing plants, Arun made sure that every plant was dug out and placed in pots for me to replant somewhere else. He even made sure the dirt was placed in spots that needed it. We were amazed at the outcome of the job, including how neatly it was done. From start to finish, Arun was such a gentleman, very polite and courteous. Arun was prompt with responding to my emails and telephone calls.

August 2008 – Cindy, Aurora, IL - The beds look absolutely wonderful…what a difference a day makes, with some really hard work. Your gentlemen could not have been a nicer crew and they do beautiful and very professional work. Again thank you for your work…I look forward to getting an early spring mailing so that we can freshen the beds and relay some mulch. 

November 2007 – Sudha, Naperville, IL - They did gardening work for me.  The workers are very hard working. There were absolutely no surprises! They were very courteous and professional. I got my money's worth.

August 2007 – Fernando, Lisle, IL - We are very pleased with the work that was done! The crew also did a great job in getting the work done and cleaning up when the day was done. We are very happy with the design and work of Mike and the crew. We look forward looking into future projects. I also had a neighbor stop by today admiring the landscape!

August 2007 – Rhonda, Naperville, IL - I believe I commented last time on the dedication of your team – well this time, they topped that.  This kind of service is not the norm, and it did not go unnoticed. I appreciate it, and will recommend your company to my friends who are looking for your type of services.

October 2006 – Carolynn, Woodridge, IL – The work your crew did was excellent. They were on time, pleasant, and did a lot of work in the rain that day! Most notable, I was very pleased with their cleanup. They all really did a nice job, please thank them again for me.  I am very satisfied overall with Rent a Gardener and will use your services again.

July 2006 – Wendi, Aurora, IL - We are very pleased with the job that you and your crew completed. I wouldn’t hesitate to request additional work or provide a recommendation to anyone. The finish grade, sod, and buried downspouts all look great!

June 2006 – Paul, Naperville, IL - “Very satisfied” does not begin to describe how happy we are with your work. Many service companies do as little as they have to do to get a job done. Most do not do anything beyond what the contract calls for. Some of the things you did went beyond what our agreement called for and because you paid attention to those details, which we did not think of, the final job exceeded our expectations.  Thank you again. Additionally, we were very pleased with the way your people cleaned up everything before they left the job. There is no question about our wanting to hire your company again. We do! Please feel free to have any of your prospective customers contact us for a reference.

October 2005 – Amanda, Lisle, IL - My yard looks so beautiful! Thank you so much!! I must say that your workers were VERY nice and did a wonderful job. They were great! Please tell them for me again what beautiful work they did…they worked so hard. Very nice guys. Please leave me some extra business cards as all my neighbors are coming by wanting your name and company!! I’d also be happy to be a referral for you in the future.

September 2005 – Peter, Aurora, IL – The guys did a great job. It was a pleasure working with you and the team, and I look forward to calling on you next year for more work. Thanks again!

August 2005 – Alice, Naperville, IL - The job was done wonderfully and your crew was the friendliest and most conscientious group I’ve ever seen. The rose bushes look great and the trimming was done outstandingly. Please let the crew know how satisfied we were of their professionalism and enthusiasm of satisfying the customer. Please take the time to offer our thank you to each one of them. We will definitely recommend you to our friends and neighbors.